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→ Favorite Relationship: Francis & Mary (as voted by our followers)

I’ve never known you to wilt from a challenge. Certainly not when you were trying to get rid of me.

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free choice — wardrobe

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"Be careful. There are ghosts there."

"At the castle?"

"They say the halls are filled with them. Tortured souls; a girl, whose face is a ruin. She hides it"

He seems everything I ever wanted. Except he’s not you.

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A victory without effort is worse than a defeat.

7 Days of Reign: day seven » free choice


Reign Preview Clip

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"Kenna is one of the most complex characters on the program. I’ve been fortunate to have the biggest arc of the ladies in waiting, because she’s made so many horrible mistakes! But at this point I think she’s trying to make up for those. She’s also becoming more empowered. She’s been a plaything for so long. I’m looking forward to her making decisions of her own volition and being empowered by her intellect rather than by her personality."

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otp — Mary Stuart + Bash